Our vision ...

At PaintScapes, we don't just sell paint - we sell adventures in decorating.

We are committed to:

  • fostering creativity and confidence in our clients in the selection of their decorating choices.
  • providing value-added services and being a true resource to our commercial and residential clients.
  • encouraging social responsibility by contributing to local groups and charities.

Our commitment to our clients ...

First of all, our clients are people. People who have a stake in the outcome of their decorating project- whether they are painting contractors, professional designers or do-it-yourselfers.

Our role is to help our residential clients by providing them with an environment which;

  • is comfortable and inviting
  • allows them to make their selections at their own pace
  • gives them the opportunity to obtain advice as required
  • encourages informed decision making

For commercial clients, we recognize that their time is their money. We provide an environment that;

  • allows painting professionals to place and pick-up orders efficiently
  • encourages decorators/designers to bring in, or direct, their clients to make their selections in our store
  • carry the products and supplies that professionals need to meet the needs of their clients