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Specialty Finishes

Stains and Wood Finishing Products

For all your wood-related projects, Benjamin Moore offers a complete line of quality interior and exterior wood finish products worthy of carrying the Benjamin Moore name.

Wood Preparation

Finish Remover   [Details]
Wood Restorer   [Details]
Cleaner and Brightener   [Details]
Alkyd Stain Primer   [Details]
Wood Conditioner and Stain Tint Base   [Details]
Wood Grain Filler   [Details]
Quick Dry Sanding Sealer   [Details]

Interior Wood (Colour Stains - Oil Base)

Penetrating Stain   [Details]
Penetrating Stain Tint Base   [Details]
Polyurethane Stain   [Details]

Interior Wood (Clear Finishes - Oil Base)

Antique Oil Finish   [Details]
Clear Varnish Low Lustre   [Details]
Clear Varnish High Gloss   [Details]
1 Hour Clear Varnish Low Lustre   [Details]
1 Hour Clear Varnish High Gloss   [Details]
Polyurethane Flat   [Details]
Polyurethane Low Lustre   [Details]
Polyurethane High Gloss   [Details]

Interior Wood (Clear Finishes - Water Base)

Stays Clear Low Lustre   [Details]
Stays Clear Gloss   [Details]
Latex Urethane Soft Gloss   [Details]
Latex Urethane High Gloss   [Details]