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A good quality roller cover will last for years if you clean it carefully after each use and will never leave fuzz or lint or uneven (and unwanted) marks behind on your walls or woodwork.

Always remember that the quality of your paint job depends as much on the tools you use as on the quality and suitability of your paint. Ask for help in our store if you are uncertain which tools to buy.

Lint Free Rollers

Preferred by professionals. Contractor quality woven shed-resistant fabric that provides maximum pick-up and release. With a plastic core.


Sizes from 190mm to 240mm.




Shed Resistant Rollers

Professional quality roller with a high density, shed resistant fabric. Resists matting for a smooth finish. With a plastic core.


Available in 240mm size.



Professional Foam Rollers

A high density polyurethane foam for professional results in polyurethane, varnish and oil paints. With a plastic core.


Available in 190mm and 240mm sizes.



Professional Cage Frame

Contractor grade, 5-wire cage with heavy duty wire roller. Polypropylene threaded handle with metal ferrule and chrome plated 5/16" shank with 90 degree bend.



Trim Roller Cage Frame

Consumer grade 4-wire cage with a polypropylene threaded handle with metal ferrule.


Available in 75mm and 100mm sizes.